Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Day Full of Activity

Hello hello Sunshiners! How are you all? Hopefully swell! Now this post is just a recap on July 4th, mostly because I liked my outfit and I need to share some fireworks pictures somewhere! First off something incredible happened .. I HELP MY FIRST BABY! My little cousin who is like a year old maybe, gosh it was so terrifying! Can you imagine the guilt of dropping it? Well that was enough anxiety for me, I kept calling over her mother to come pick her up because I did not trust myself!

I wore my marvelous American Apparel shorts, black muscle tee from Forever21, this red flannel from Forever21, and of course no surprise, my boots from Forever21.
I'm kind of obsessed with the whole "tie the flannel around your waist" thing that is totally a throwback and I am beyond happy it has come back in style! It's just an extra OOMPH to your outfit, especially since most of the time I just wear black. Plus if you happen to eat a lot that day, it covers the food baby!

Now my favorite part was the fireworks of course and my camera had unfocused so I got this rad brokeh type fireworks! Definitely reminded me of Disneyland, wish they would of played some Disney music! All in all it was a good HOT day! I ended up swimming and just relaxing, let's just say a non-work day is always fun for me!

I also filmed AND uploaded a new video on 3 different outfit ideas for the beach because I know it seems simple, but planning what to wear to the beach can be hard, I went last week and my outfit was not very great (as you can tell by the lack of ootd that day). So definitely take a look :)

Can we always drool over how amazing that like pastel pink fuzzy sweater is!? It's my sister and it literally is awesome, yet very itchy and sheds everywhere! Regardless, it was way adorable and made me miss winter!

Anyway, have a sunny day and let me know down below what fireworks are your favorite? Mine are the smiley faces!

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