Saturday, April 26, 2014

Vanessa Hudgens Coachella Queen

Hey Sunshiners! It's the weekend, wooh! Hope your Saturday morning is going well and if you live in SoCal I hope you're enjoying this little rain. There's something wonderful about waking it to a rainy morning, gives me a reason to stay in my pajamas a little bit longer and enjoy some gluten free pancakes!

Today's is going to be on the Festival Queen, Vanessa Hudgens! That  girl waits all year long for Coachella and every year she knocks it out of the park and this year is no different. You can tell she knows what she's doing and brings envy to all. Her looks have completely inspired me, craving some Boho Chic.

She boldly went blonde with long extensions for this years event and it completely brought the whole look together! It's hard to deny not only is she looking great, but her body is in prime condition! Not only does she make me want to chalk my hair, grab my hair extensions, put some flowers in my hair, but also get to the gym!

Who rocked your favorite Coachella style ?


Friday, April 25, 2014

| One Dress | Two Ways | Collab w/ Extraordinary Al |

Hello Sunshiners to this wonderful Friday night or whatever day/time you're watching this! I hope your week has been well and you've worked hard enough so you can spend your money at the mall. Just kidding, kind of.Although I had some great plans this weekend, I sadly had to cancel them due to illness, but no worries because my room was disgusting and I've put off cleaning it for about two weeks. Spring cleaning anyone? It always feels good after you've cleaned, but getting to that point is difficult!

Today's post is going to be a wonderful collaboration with my wonderful friend Alli from Extraordinarily Al , her blog is absolutely fantastic and her taste in fashion is impeccable! Plus the way she pairs her outfits with jewelry is seriously breathtaking! Go check out her post here , she paired her's with a gorgeous necklace and rockin' pumps!
We took this Forever21 dress and styled it depending on what we'd add to it. I chose a jean jacket from Forever21, black converse, and some ruffles socks from Target. Nice and simple! It was a tad short so I definitely recommend pairing it with some type of shorts under it!

One of the coolest parts about this dress is the material, it's almost like spandex and completely flatters the body! It was very comfortable and thick enough so you wouldn't see through it!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

To Kill a King: First Impression and Meeting them

Hey Sunshiners! Yes I just had to create an entire post just on To Kill a King because they deserve it! If you didn't know, I went to a Bastille concert in Las Vegas just last week and it literally was the best thing ever! If you haven't read my whole experience on that then definitely check out that post and also my vlog on it at

You may know nothing about them, just like I did, but in this case I let their music guide me.

I can imagine how hard it is to open for a big band, especially in the U.S. since it takes us awhile to get the popular British music or it takes it awhile to become well known. Regardless, opening for anybody is scary since those fans are really just looking forward to you getting off the stage so they can see who they came for.

When they first walked on stage, people screamed, but they also didn't know exactly what to do. If they were like me, they appreciated them being there but had no connection. I tried to look them up on you tube, but couldn't find the right now that made me love.

As they began to play, the lead vocalist, Ralph, did blow me away. His steller calming almost western voice put you in a mood to just listen to whatever he was singing and once the band started you couldn't help, but move to the beat! Not only was I shocked at actually how amazing they were, but also everyone around me! At first the crowd just stood there, but then there heads started bobbing and soon their whole bodies! I think they were took that first song as a way to introduce who they were and really show their stuff, which they did. The keyboardist, Ben, was probably my favorite because of his body movement and the fact he kept getting a swig of beer when it wasn't his turn.

They all just gelled together and having a good time with friends! The way they went to each others microphones to sing a verse or whisper something real quick made you feel a sense of genuineness. Their music truly did the talking and Ralph's vocals completely rocked everyones worlds, especially during I work Nights and You work Days and then what really got the crowd going, myself as well, was Howling.

There most folk song would have to be Wolves, but it's not annoying, if that makes sense. The happiness and their music just makes you want to play it on repeat! The verse, "take it like a man", brings me back to them all coming together to sing that verse and makes me want to shout it out too.

After that I was definitely on cloud nine because I was so very far away yet they had be jumping and getting very much into it!

After the concert they were all at the merch table selling their CDS and signing them. At first I really didn't want to pay $15 for a CD, but I had a 4 1/2 hour drive back home the next day so it was definitely something I kind of needed and I really wanted to get to know their sound even more so because they completely hooked me.

As I awkwardly took some cash out of my bra (yes my bra), I managed to get into a small hole where nobody was. Keep in mind how many people were at this sold out concert and now how many people were trying to get a signature from them. It was quite terrifying, but I kept my cool and really waited my turn. I thought it was interesting that many of the fans didn't even talk to them. It was more about getting the signature and going, like where was the fun of that? I appreciated their sound and the fact that they were probably my new favorite band.

As Ralph signed a girls CD, I asked him if this was where I could buy their CD, he smiled and said, "yeah! $15". I asked if he had change for a $20 and he immediately went to go get a $5. He smiled very humbly and I asked him to sign it, during that time I told him how incredible they were and how their sound is just very fantastic, building his confidence and all. He had such a kind vibe and I was honored he took the time to sign it for me, yeah I know he was doing it for everyone but I'm sure they were quite tired.

While walking away I felt very sad. The night was finally over and now I was just going to go up to my bed and life will go on. So I stopped and realized I needed a signature from every band member! So walked back and analyzed where I would get into next. Luckily on the side, there was a perfect pocket for me so I swooped right in there while everyone else was on the other side. I waited patiently and didn't want to really hassel them, but when they were waiting for the next fan to come, I began to cough very loud to get his attention. As we made eye contact I gestured for him to come over and he nicely came and laughed. He told me he didn't know if I was "coughing, laughing, or dying".

After that I of course did the same thing since it had gotten some attention the first time. The drummer, Josh, looked behind and caught my weirdness. I gestured to my CD and he kindly left his spot to come sign mine. As he was signing, I told him how thankful I was that he did that and said I was determined to get every band members signature. He then said, "oh well hold on one sec!" and took my CD to each band member to get it signed. The last was another bass player Josh (yes confusing!), I remembered how into the music he was during the concert and almost looked like he was going to fall over! The drummed handed it to him and said, "sign this for this girl right here" and put it right on top of something he had already been signing.

Josh came over to me and handed me the signed CD (complete with everyone's signature), he didn't rush off so I decided to talk to him for a bit. I told him how absolutely amazing their band was and how shocked I was that they sounded amazing all the way in the back because I mean when you're that far away it's hard to get the whole feel of a band, but I told him how excellent they were. He smiled and said thank you so much, but still didn't leave me! So I went into how much fun they must be having, especially being in  Las Vegas and doing this. He agreed and I asked where he was from and if they were originally all friends, to that he answered "yes we have the best time and I'm from London". I asked him then how he liked America, he responded "I love America! It's awesome here! We hope to come back later this year". You could tell he was excited because he then almost marked me with his marker and said how sorry he was, I think weirdly said how much everyone would be jealous if I got his signature on my hand, which he looked at me and asked if I would like that.

After being indecisive, I finally said yes and we joked that "why not it's Vegas!" I felt incredibly bad that I had taken up so much time with him, but he never walked away or tried to end the conversation so I finally told him how thankful I was that he stayed to chat and how excited I am to see them again, I shook his hand and introduced myself and said I'd see him soon.

I then realized I took no pictures so I went back to take a photo with Ralph and then a stalker photo with the whole band, to which entertained some fans and they came up to me and told me how awesome I was to do that.

What a night it was and how happy I am that I got to see them! To Kill a King is the new band on my obsession list and after listening to their CD about 3 times, I can honestly say I love every song, which is something you don't see. Like Bastille, they just have great music and have created such a marvelous sound, but they are very different from each other so don't go comparing them at all!

Have a Sunny Day Sunshiners and I hope you enjoyed my very long experience!

 Buy there CD here:


Bastille Las Vegas Concert

Happy Wednesday Sunshiners! I hope your weekend and week has gone great and all is well! This past weekend I was lucky enough to go to the Bastille show in Las Vegas at the House of Blues, somebody happened to be reselling their tickets on ticket master and I snagged them in seconds. Honestly, that concert was the best thing in my life, even though there were many issues and I even cried at one point, the concert itself made up for it.

This post is going to be mainly on my concert experience and if you'd like to know what happened that particular day, then head on over to for a Concert vlog. I'm also going to mainly focus on my experience of the concert, but if you haven't already check out my post on the opening act To Kill a King.

Now let's start with before the concert, we had left quite early that morning so we'd all have time to get ready and have a chance to get in line at a good time. Honestly, I would of waited in that line for 12 hours, I was insanely excited and anxious, to the point where I literally couldn't sit still at lunch. So I ran to the House of Blues line (luckily was inside the Mandalay Bay) and got my place as the 3rd person at 2:25pm. Now you can imagine the fantasy I was having of being right in the very front looking at Dan Smith because I literally not only was the 3rd person, but I ended up paying an extra $40 to get a "Front of the Line Pass", yes it's like Fast Pass for concerts. Many people said it wasn't worth it, but they divided the "Front of the Line" people and the normal concert goers and if you have a chance to get that pass, I recommend you do.

My experience in line was really great and it went way fast, when you're around people that like the same music as you it just makes everything click. Everyone was wonderful too, this one gal even owned a Music Venue and you could tell music is her life, it really kind of inspired me. It was really nice to feel like you actually aren't crazy, like your love for your band isn't something weird because here everyone had the same love and we could gush about Dan Smith's hair for an hour and then discuss our favorite song. Then when Pompeii played in the hotel, everyone just screamed!

Fast forward to 6pm where the doors open and I happily, excitedly, nervously make my way into the venue and show my ticket to security, which they proceed to tell me my ticket isn't general admission and I must make my way to the very top. Yes, I was as far away as you possibly could be, reason why I ended up balling my eyes out. Eventually I realized I was being silly and should be happy to just be there. BIG TIP OF ADVICE! Always get General Admission (apparently the reseller didn't mention that to me and basically ripped me off)!

Disappointed I was, but I would probably do it again in a heart beat. My sister and I met the loveliest people as well, three different girls all from different places (Wyoming,Colorado, Nevada) and their boyfriends who were forced into coming (they eventually acknowledged Bastille's talent though). Being in Vegas I did realize the amount of alcohol that is in peoples systems and since there weren't many of us and there was a bar right there, many people ordered shots left and right, creating a humorous enviroment.

By 6:30pm, the lights dimmed and everyones hearts began to race, knowing they weren't on but that it was going to happen soon. The opening act To Kill a King came out and were ready to show their stuff, I did a whole post on them so for right now I'm going to skip what happened.

The intermission only last maybe 20 minutes, I personally can't even remember because my the anticipation was running through my veins. Yet, as fogged emerged from the stage and the lights completely out, I began to feel chills up and down my body. The way they started the concert was fantastic, if you haven't heard their Other Peoples Heart Ache cover CD then I definitely recommend that you do because the words they played to start the concert was a theme throughout those songs.

The beat finally started and everyone's screams shook the room! Bad Blood started it off and completely took my breath away and my voice. The feeling of being there hearing it live is absolutely magical, I've been listening to their whole CD non-stop since November so I knew every word and every beat. The freeness of being able to sing along and jump around was amazing, I completely let go and my head naturally went with every sound (leaving me with some terrible whiplash).

Bastille does not only make great music, but their talent is incredible. Live vs. their CD isn't too different, Dan Smith's voice was so on point and with no slip ups that you can tell how genuine it is on their recordings, which made me have such respect for him. He bounced, danced, jumped, and singed his heart out and without ever being out of breath. He is probably the best singer and performed I have ever seen and him singing Oblivion just melted everyones hearts.

 Dan Smith's humbleness is also something else that has been recognized, after every single song he said, "thank you so much" and then laughed when the whole room screamed at his adorableness. Even if he was a jerk, I'm sure we'd all still listen to him, but the fact that he truly is a good guy and really appreciated whats happened to him makes you just love him more! Even his low self-esteem about his dance moves made everyone wanna give him a hug, which that British boy can definitely move! Plus, his hair stays in place the entire time, probably the most miraculous thing ever!

So the band was awesome and the lights just added to it! Now when I listen to The Weight of Living Pt. 2 I can see the green lights going back in forth with the intro and you could feel the music through the lights. I remember watching an interview with them talking about how amazing the band Muse lights were (when they had opened for them) and it definitely must of influenced how they set up theirs. Bravo boys!

I just have to mention this real quick because this was probably the only time where I really wanted to cry again, during Flaws, Dan Smith put on his grey hoodie and with security went into the pit, which you can imagine broke my heart. Doing this though really creates such a bond with him and his fans, the fact that first of all he'd risk going into a pit with his fans (some could be scary) and second the the acknowledgement that they are there makes you feel special.

This amazing concert probably has changed my life and really made me think about my future (I will touch more on this epiphany in another post), but the last two songs really just brought the whole night together. Rhythm of the Night was completely unreal, the lyric "lift your hands and voices, free your mind and join us" just took reality away and brought you into this place where life is all okay and the beat completely vibrated your body. The last song was absolutely perfect placement, as Pompeii is probably the song that their most known for (in America) they decided play it at the end and leave the concert on a very energized note. I also learned that To Kill a King was actually part of the "eh ooooh oooh eh oh" part in the actual song, so they called them on stage and you could see how fun they were having. A whole stage of British men ... yes, I very much enjoyed it!

Sadly this wonderful night had to end, even though I wished so much that it wouldn't. I will forever remember that concert and will definitely being seeing them as soon as they come back, this time front row!

My sister and I are still blown away at how amazing Dan Smith's voice is and the fact that we actually felt like we were in the front row because of the energy and performance! Bastille is going to be one of those bands that are known forever, like The Killers and Muse. So thankful I was lucky enough to see them. Best experience ever!


Monday, April 21, 2014

DIY Inspiration Board

Hey Sunshiners! What a weekend, woah, if you aren't following me on twitter (@alexasunshine83) or instagram (@alexasunshine83), then you have completely missed a very memorable weekend and will have to wait til my vlog to know what I'm talking about!

Until then, here's a quick TWO MINUTE video on creating your very own Inspiration Board, which as May is coming up we are all thinking about everything we need to get done or about our dreams or just wanna look at some trends everymorning when getting ready! It's like tumblr on your wall basically ha plus you have change it as often as possible, depending on what's inspiring you at the moment! If you do this idea, please send me a picture of it on my twitter or instagram, I'd love to see your creations !

P.S. if you suck at arts & crafts then this DIY is perfect for you, no need to cut straight lines !

 Images from Teen Vogue, Nylon, and Seventeen MAG

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Love Couture LA: For the Dreamers

"Love Couture LA is a contemporary, lifestyle fashion brand that is all about being a fun, glamorous, and fabulous girl."

 How true those words above are. Love Couture LA not only has some fantastic designs, ranging from Shopaholic tees to Dreamy hoodies, but their message is very empowering. They focus on the ones who's minds are consumed with dreams and overendulge in fashion, which of course spoke to me instantly. Even their font on their 2014 Summer Collection makes me feel fun and instead of just wearing a basic t-shirt, you're wearing something that will shine confidence and reminds you to never give up on your dreams. The bright colors, girly hearts, and flirty sayings make you want to run through LA because you feel apart of that culture throughout line and you can tell that it's influenced her clothing very much, she hadn't added the "LA" to Love Couture until she moved there, bringing a realness to it.

 All clothing companies are full of designers who had big dreams and made them possible, but Love Couture LA's founder, creative director, CEO, and designer, Alesia, brings a friendship to the customer that makes you want to support. On their website under Our Story, you find out how they were born and you can tell that they have some real drive. Her creativity is beyond magical, but her personality is even better. As a fellow Leo, she believes in her brand with all her heart and the passion illuminates her clothing.

 As a dreamer, a shopaholic, and a positive preacher, I couldn't help but really fall in love with this brand. Their bright orange Happy Tank brought smiles to my face and growing up my mother worked in LA quite often so it's a place I know very well and even though I'm about 2 hours away, the Find Me On Rodeo Drive makes me feel like I'm just around the corner.

 I was lucky enough to get sent the Dreamer Vneck Tshirt and the love I have for this is incredible, not only was it in the cutest packaging and has the most amazing tag, which I loved so much that I was too scared to rip it off, the word Dreamer reminds me to truly never give up, even when those dreams feel completely impossible. Without our dreams, it's hard to know what life's about and now I can't stop wearing this because I not only want to encourage myself, but it encourages others to keep striving towards their dreams as well.

If you're a dreamer, then I highly recommend paying Love Couture LA a visit, you'll fall in love just like I did!

I paired it two ways to show you can either rock it with some highwaisted shorts or just some skinny jeans!

"For Dreamers. For Shopaholics."

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Outfit of the Day (from Sunday)

Hi Sunshiners! Hope your monday was glorious! Had to post this quick ootd because well, I'm wearing kitty cat shoes and flare pants so yeah, you can understand my excitedness!

I've always worn skinny jeans and lately have only worn leggings, but I decided to be adventurous and I'm glad I did :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tutorial on Wavy Mermaid Hair

Goodmorning Sunshiners! Hope all is well and all you sunshiners are enjoying spring right now! I do have something rather important I need to say, I saw the movie Divergent and well ... OBSESSED! I know I'm getting side tracked but I was beyond surprised I liked it because I never like movies like that, maybe it was because of Theo James? Yeah. Probably.

Anyway, life has been beyond good and I've been very happy this month :) yay happiness!

So back to todays post, well I love love this hairstyle and wanted to share how I get this wavy mermaid hair. It's fun because I suck at curling my hair and then straightened hair always gets messed up, but I wore this look to Disneyland and the waves were all good. Plus it's way easy to hide where your extensions are. I did film a tutorial on my youtube of how I waved my hair (which is down below if you didn't notice), but for those that aren't lucky enough to have the mermaid hair length, I decided to show you how I wave my extensions. Some people click them in and wave it, but because mine are super thick (yay go it's just easier to do them seperate. This took about 30 minutes just to wave the extensions so I recommend doing this when you have a lot of time in the morning, but the good thing is it stays waved for like ever.

First off, I'll be using the Gold Heat Waver from Sally's and my Got2Be Glue Hairspray
I set the temperature to 300, unless you smell your extensions burning, then turn it down.

Second, gotta have some good music because trust me, you'll get bored!

The way I do it is track by track and hold each section for about 20 seconds.

Once I waved each extensions, I hang them on my cupboard to cool down and keep it's wave.
It's a way fun look and you always feel like a mermaid after :)
Have a Sunny day Sunshiners!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Happiness

Hello hello Sunshiners! YES it's been awhile and I apologize. I think I had stopped because after seeing other peoples blogs, you start to look at yours and be like, "ah it's not as good as hers" rather than just appreciating everyones blogs and being happy we're all unique. So after coming to that realization that I've been beating myself up for it, I am now back and hopefully can create a good blogging schedule since there's just so much I want to share with you and honestly I need to vent out my feelings and creativity!

Today isn't going to be long or anything, only because school starts quite soon, but just wanted to update you guys that I'm still here :) and promise that COOL things are coming! I have a few ideas in mind for some awesome posts and even a type of series :)

Here's a few snaps I've taken in the last month:

 Have a Sunny day <3

Friday, April 4, 2014


Happy Friday Sunshiners! Yay we made it to the weekend! This weeks been interesting, school stressing me out, but hey it's all good because I got to 200 subscribers on YOUTUBE! AHHHHHHHHHH! So in honor of that I'm doing an international giveaway! So please watch the video below and enter lovelies because I'd love for you to win :D

2 NXY eyeliners, a flower headband, yellow nail polish, and Revlon colorblast lip balm!