Monday, April 14, 2014

Tutorial on Wavy Mermaid Hair

Goodmorning Sunshiners! Hope all is well and all you sunshiners are enjoying spring right now! I do have something rather important I need to say, I saw the movie Divergent and well ... OBSESSED! I know I'm getting side tracked but I was beyond surprised I liked it because I never like movies like that, maybe it was because of Theo James? Yeah. Probably.

Anyway, life has been beyond good and I've been very happy this month :) yay happiness!

So back to todays post, well I love love this hairstyle and wanted to share how I get this wavy mermaid hair. It's fun because I suck at curling my hair and then straightened hair always gets messed up, but I wore this look to Disneyland and the waves were all good. Plus it's way easy to hide where your extensions are. I did film a tutorial on my youtube of how I waved my hair (which is down below if you didn't notice), but for those that aren't lucky enough to have the mermaid hair length, I decided to show you how I wave my extensions. Some people click them in and wave it, but because mine are super thick (yay go it's just easier to do them seperate. This took about 30 minutes just to wave the extensions so I recommend doing this when you have a lot of time in the morning, but the good thing is it stays waved for like ever.

First off, I'll be using the Gold Heat Waver from Sally's and my Got2Be Glue Hairspray
I set the temperature to 300, unless you smell your extensions burning, then turn it down.

Second, gotta have some good music because trust me, you'll get bored!

The way I do it is track by track and hold each section for about 20 seconds.

Once I waved each extensions, I hang them on my cupboard to cool down and keep it's wave.
It's a way fun look and you always feel like a mermaid after :)
Have a Sunny day Sunshiners!


  1. I've never seen curlers like this! They look great and so easy to use! Gorgeous hair and pics!! Danielle x

    frontière girl

  2. I must get me that wave curler! I love the mermaid wave look! <3

    Love Always,

  3. Ya! Lorde <3 Look at that smile in the first picture :') And with that hair you look absolutely gorgeous and happy :D DIVERGENT IS AMAZING. I read the book a while ago (you need to, it's even better than the film) and I was glad this was a book to film adaption that didn't ruin the book and was quite good!