Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Love Couture LA: For the Dreamers

"Love Couture LA is a contemporary, lifestyle fashion brand that is all about being a fun, glamorous, and fabulous girl."

 How true those words above are. Love Couture LA not only has some fantastic designs, ranging from Shopaholic tees to Dreamy hoodies, but their message is very empowering. They focus on the ones who's minds are consumed with dreams and overendulge in fashion, which of course spoke to me instantly. Even their font on their 2014 Summer Collection makes me feel fun and instead of just wearing a basic t-shirt, you're wearing something that will shine confidence and reminds you to never give up on your dreams. The bright colors, girly hearts, and flirty sayings make you want to run through LA because you feel apart of that culture throughout line and you can tell that it's influenced her clothing very much, she hadn't added the "LA" to Love Couture until she moved there, bringing a realness to it.

 All clothing companies are full of designers who had big dreams and made them possible, but Love Couture LA's founder, creative director, CEO, and designer, Alesia, brings a friendship to the customer that makes you want to support. On their website under Our Story, you find out how they were born and you can tell that they have some real drive. Her creativity is beyond magical, but her personality is even better. As a fellow Leo, she believes in her brand with all her heart and the passion illuminates her clothing.

 As a dreamer, a shopaholic, and a positive preacher, I couldn't help but really fall in love with this brand. Their bright orange Happy Tank brought smiles to my face and growing up my mother worked in LA quite often so it's a place I know very well and even though I'm about 2 hours away, the Find Me On Rodeo Drive makes me feel like I'm just around the corner.

 I was lucky enough to get sent the Dreamer Vneck Tshirt and the love I have for this is incredible, not only was it in the cutest packaging and has the most amazing tag, which I loved so much that I was too scared to rip it off, the word Dreamer reminds me to truly never give up, even when those dreams feel completely impossible. Without our dreams, it's hard to know what life's about and now I can't stop wearing this because I not only want to encourage myself, but it encourages others to keep striving towards their dreams as well.

If you're a dreamer, then I highly recommend paying Love Couture LA a visit, you'll fall in love just like I did!

I paired it two ways to show you can either rock it with some highwaisted shorts or just some skinny jeans!

"For Dreamers. For Shopaholics."


  1. so cute :) love everything esp the pop of yellow!
    I did a very similar look yesterday that I will be posting soon <3
    very pretty!

  2. this is seriously so cute! Definitely just checked this brand out because of your post! :)
    I’d love for us to keep in touch via bloglovin’ or GFC. Let me know on my blog, I’ll be sure to follow back! :)

    Hope you're having a lovely day ! xx
    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

  3. love that you paired the tee with the yellow shorts! and your smile is to die for!

    Love Always,

    1. ohmygoodness STOP BEING SO NICE :)
      that means a lot!

      i was trying to kinda bring in some spring to the loook :D

  4. Ooh really like those long jeans/jeggings whichever they are with that shirt. Nice combo :)