Friday, April 25, 2014

| One Dress | Two Ways | Collab w/ Extraordinary Al |

Hello Sunshiners to this wonderful Friday night or whatever day/time you're watching this! I hope your week has been well and you've worked hard enough so you can spend your money at the mall. Just kidding, kind of.Although I had some great plans this weekend, I sadly had to cancel them due to illness, but no worries because my room was disgusting and I've put off cleaning it for about two weeks. Spring cleaning anyone? It always feels good after you've cleaned, but getting to that point is difficult!

Today's post is going to be a wonderful collaboration with my wonderful friend Alli from Extraordinarily Al , her blog is absolutely fantastic and her taste in fashion is impeccable! Plus the way she pairs her outfits with jewelry is seriously breathtaking! Go check out her post here , she paired her's with a gorgeous necklace and rockin' pumps!
We took this Forever21 dress and styled it depending on what we'd add to it. I chose a jean jacket from Forever21, black converse, and some ruffles socks from Target. Nice and simple! It was a tad short so I definitely recommend pairing it with some type of shorts under it!

One of the coolest parts about this dress is the material, it's almost like spandex and completely flatters the body! It was very comfortable and thick enough so you wouldn't see through it!


  1. super cute! love the all black converse and ruffle socks! <3

    love always,

    1. awwwwh <3 thank you so sooo much! those socks are from the kids section in target ... hahahahahah

  2. Both those dresses are absolutely gorgeous! I loveeee the jean jackets they have been paired with gah. I need to get myself one of those