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To Kill a King: First Impression and Meeting them

Hey Sunshiners! Yes I just had to create an entire post just on To Kill a King because they deserve it! If you didn't know, I went to a Bastille concert in Las Vegas just last week and it literally was the best thing ever! If you haven't read my whole experience on that then definitely check out that post and also my vlog on it at

You may know nothing about them, just like I did, but in this case I let their music guide me.

I can imagine how hard it is to open for a big band, especially in the U.S. since it takes us awhile to get the popular British music or it takes it awhile to become well known. Regardless, opening for anybody is scary since those fans are really just looking forward to you getting off the stage so they can see who they came for.

When they first walked on stage, people screamed, but they also didn't know exactly what to do. If they were like me, they appreciated them being there but had no connection. I tried to look them up on you tube, but couldn't find the right now that made me love.

As they began to play, the lead vocalist, Ralph, did blow me away. His steller calming almost western voice put you in a mood to just listen to whatever he was singing and once the band started you couldn't help, but move to the beat! Not only was I shocked at actually how amazing they were, but also everyone around me! At first the crowd just stood there, but then there heads started bobbing and soon their whole bodies! I think they were took that first song as a way to introduce who they were and really show their stuff, which they did. The keyboardist, Ben, was probably my favorite because of his body movement and the fact he kept getting a swig of beer when it wasn't his turn.

They all just gelled together and having a good time with friends! The way they went to each others microphones to sing a verse or whisper something real quick made you feel a sense of genuineness. Their music truly did the talking and Ralph's vocals completely rocked everyones worlds, especially during I work Nights and You work Days and then what really got the crowd going, myself as well, was Howling.

There most folk song would have to be Wolves, but it's not annoying, if that makes sense. The happiness and their music just makes you want to play it on repeat! The verse, "take it like a man", brings me back to them all coming together to sing that verse and makes me want to shout it out too.

After that I was definitely on cloud nine because I was so very far away yet they had be jumping and getting very much into it!

After the concert they were all at the merch table selling their CDS and signing them. At first I really didn't want to pay $15 for a CD, but I had a 4 1/2 hour drive back home the next day so it was definitely something I kind of needed and I really wanted to get to know their sound even more so because they completely hooked me.

As I awkwardly took some cash out of my bra (yes my bra), I managed to get into a small hole where nobody was. Keep in mind how many people were at this sold out concert and now how many people were trying to get a signature from them. It was quite terrifying, but I kept my cool and really waited my turn. I thought it was interesting that many of the fans didn't even talk to them. It was more about getting the signature and going, like where was the fun of that? I appreciated their sound and the fact that they were probably my new favorite band.

As Ralph signed a girls CD, I asked him if this was where I could buy their CD, he smiled and said, "yeah! $15". I asked if he had change for a $20 and he immediately went to go get a $5. He smiled very humbly and I asked him to sign it, during that time I told him how incredible they were and how their sound is just very fantastic, building his confidence and all. He had such a kind vibe and I was honored he took the time to sign it for me, yeah I know he was doing it for everyone but I'm sure they were quite tired.

While walking away I felt very sad. The night was finally over and now I was just going to go up to my bed and life will go on. So I stopped and realized I needed a signature from every band member! So walked back and analyzed where I would get into next. Luckily on the side, there was a perfect pocket for me so I swooped right in there while everyone else was on the other side. I waited patiently and didn't want to really hassel them, but when they were waiting for the next fan to come, I began to cough very loud to get his attention. As we made eye contact I gestured for him to come over and he nicely came and laughed. He told me he didn't know if I was "coughing, laughing, or dying".

After that I of course did the same thing since it had gotten some attention the first time. The drummer, Josh, looked behind and caught my weirdness. I gestured to my CD and he kindly left his spot to come sign mine. As he was signing, I told him how thankful I was that he did that and said I was determined to get every band members signature. He then said, "oh well hold on one sec!" and took my CD to each band member to get it signed. The last was another bass player Josh (yes confusing!), I remembered how into the music he was during the concert and almost looked like he was going to fall over! The drummed handed it to him and said, "sign this for this girl right here" and put it right on top of something he had already been signing.

Josh came over to me and handed me the signed CD (complete with everyone's signature), he didn't rush off so I decided to talk to him for a bit. I told him how absolutely amazing their band was and how shocked I was that they sounded amazing all the way in the back because I mean when you're that far away it's hard to get the whole feel of a band, but I told him how excellent they were. He smiled and said thank you so much, but still didn't leave me! So I went into how much fun they must be having, especially being in  Las Vegas and doing this. He agreed and I asked where he was from and if they were originally all friends, to that he answered "yes we have the best time and I'm from London". I asked him then how he liked America, he responded "I love America! It's awesome here! We hope to come back later this year". You could tell he was excited because he then almost marked me with his marker and said how sorry he was, I think weirdly said how much everyone would be jealous if I got his signature on my hand, which he looked at me and asked if I would like that.

After being indecisive, I finally said yes and we joked that "why not it's Vegas!" I felt incredibly bad that I had taken up so much time with him, but he never walked away or tried to end the conversation so I finally told him how thankful I was that he stayed to chat and how excited I am to see them again, I shook his hand and introduced myself and said I'd see him soon.

I then realized I took no pictures so I went back to take a photo with Ralph and then a stalker photo with the whole band, to which entertained some fans and they came up to me and told me how awesome I was to do that.

What a night it was and how happy I am that I got to see them! To Kill a King is the new band on my obsession list and after listening to their CD about 3 times, I can honestly say I love every song, which is something you don't see. Like Bastille, they just have great music and have created such a marvelous sound, but they are very different from each other so don't go comparing them at all!

Have a Sunny Day Sunshiners and I hope you enjoyed my very long experience!

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