Monday, July 14, 2014

Shoe Addicion

Hello hello! Today's weather is full of win, dark clouds, and actually some rain? Okay California, be weird! So I was starring at my new boohoo booties that just arrived in the mail and I though to myself "WOW I LOVE SHOES" and then I looked up more Shoe Collection videos on youtube and I hope to have 40 pairs of shoes one day. Right now I only have like 8 pairs, so I just couldn't help searching all my favorite online stores and drooling over their shoes, while I was full of guilt that I just spent an hour looking at shoes, I remembered I had a blog and I could pretend that I used that time "for research" for a shoe type post. So yes, I'm going to lie about my shoe addiction and just say I did it for you guys!

So let's all drool and cry over these amazing shoes that are causing me heart ache over the fact I don't own them! I tried to only pick 5 pairs of shoes because I knew picking 40 would be a little too much haha

#1 has to go to these Jeffrey Campbell Platform Sandals from Nasty Gal

#2 These gorgeous white Dr. Martens from
#3 Oooh these High heeled Platforms from ASOS Market Place

Also in white ...

#4 Now surprisingly these are from Forever21 but they have completely sold out! So these Sleek Gunmetal Combat Boots, I'm on the "waitlist" if they come back in stock

#5 My last and final one will have to be these black lace up ankle boots, which I am totally swoon over from Choices
Now these are only FIVE that I'd love to have, but I honestly have many more I'd like to have ... ah shopaholic or whahhh ?

Where's your favorite place to shop for shoes ??


  1. Hey girl,I love the first two pairs! Nice blog.Come over to enter my shoes GIVEAWAY.Good luck :-)

  2. Try Public Desire :) they sell the nicest chunky boots ever! x