Monday, July 7, 2014

Flux and Flow

Hello hello! Yay, I'm super duper happy to be blogging right now because honestly I've missed it, well, actually I don't think I've ever really "blogged", like I still don't understand it completely but today I just feel like it "feels" right, ya know? No? Well, moving on now haha today has been good, took a walk and got some new extensions (yippie!) by ! I'm really happy with them because they make me feel like a mermaid and in this tie dye Forever21 top it completely made me feel like The Little Mermaid!
And the cut outs on this thing are super rad! Although wearing it to work is kind of risky, but roaming around in it in my house is always fun too! :)

How's all your guy's day going? Oh HAPPY MONDAY! A new week in a new month!


  1. I seriously love your extensions! You totally suit that whole 'mermaid' look. I love these posts of yours! Keep posting them. Your fashion sense is on point!

    1. <33333 when i was a kid i use to put rubber bands around my ankles so i could swim like a mermaid so it now makes sense that I'm trying to look like one hahahahahaha <3 YAY thanks so much, honestly means so much !!

  2. These photos are gorgeous beaut! love this post XO

  3. I love the top! :)