Monday, June 2, 2014


Wow, just wow.

KROQ Weenie Roast was the best concert I have ever been to! Their lineup was insane and literally, those 9 1/2 hours went by so fast! Here's who played:
The highlights for me were OF COURSE taking a picture with Dan Smith (from Bastille). Honestly, I feel silly for being so happy, but I don't care! As you can tell I was majorly fangirling!
Look at his security, I feel like that guy is saying, "BEWARE there's this blonde goober being weird by Dan!" I am beyond thankful that he'd even go in the crowd and he went on our side, like WHAT!

A couple of other highlights were Capital Cities! They were absolutely amazing and their trumpet player became my new hero, he absolutely killed it! I officially need to go to their own concert because I am totally a huge fan of their sound!

The Neighbourhood of course wowed me and made me so excited to see them July 24th! They just have such a great sound, it's interesting how even though their music isn't like JUMP UP AND DOWN AND PARTY, it still gets you pumped and of course Jesse Rutherford (lead singer) personality is awesome, he has this cool guy vibe, but also dangerous covered in tattoos F you kind of attitude.

I do have to mention The 1975 because not only did Dr. Drew introduce them, but literally every girl completely pushed one another just to get close. Matty is a funny guy, like he definitely has that cool guy vibe as well, more like he can wear a girls Forever21 "DRUGS" with a big x on it and yet sing songs about drugs and still make you want to be his best friend. His voice too is way awesome, although I couldn't understand much because that accent is thick! At one point a girl threw her shirt on stage and he just looked at it and said "thanks for the shirt, I mean it has literally nothing to do with me, like you just took off your shirt and gave it to me, like that's it." Then somebody gave him roses, which was quite rad. All in all, i think I became a true 1975 fan!

There's was a major twist in events when American Authors came on and I realized how much I love them! When I've listened to them in the past I wasn't too like "omg i love them" kind of thing, but Zac Barnette's (lead singer) personality kind of reminds me of Panic At the Disco's Brendon Urie! Very upbeat and super outgoing attitude and he made me feel really positive! Not only with the song "Believer" and "Best Day of My Life", but also him just talking to the crowd and about how he went to the Weenie Roast back in the day and how surreal it is to be on the stage now and just to follow your dreams. Plus he's quite good looking! Honestly, most of the artists were ripped, like, how can I get that?? Also James Adam Shelley rocked the banjo, so I mean, kind of obsessed with them now!

Phantogram was kind of a disappointment, which was way sad because I love "Fall In Love" by them, but honestly that's kind of the only song I do like and after seeing them live that fact definitely was true. Although Sarah Barthel is like the coolest, she kept saying "Hello LA" and we were in Irvine, but then like their sound just didn't do too great with the crowd and didn't sound good, they were having some instrument problems, but the only song that got the crowd going was "Fall in Love". Other than that, there was nothing special. I did get to the very front though, so I got to enjoy that song to the fullest!

Now let's talk Fall Out Boy! Wow, like come on, they played Sugar We're Goin' down, DANCE DANCE, and Thanks for the Memories and if you use to completely rock out to those back in the day then you can understand my excitement! They sound exactly the same and completely got the crowd on their feet and even Pete Wentz ran through the crowd during "My Songs know what you did in the dark" and he also gave an inspiring speech to never let anyone bring you down and always go for your dreams.

Foster the People was incredible! Absolutely incredible! I was a tad scared only because I've never thought of their music as like jump around music and my friend who saw them a day at before 91x Fest said they weren't good live, but they definitely blew her mind! Plus their graphics rocked the house and their lights completely got us all pumped and oh my goodness I want to completely listen to all their songs! It kind of reminded me of a disco and Mark Fosters voice is absolutely brilliant! Very very strong!

We didn't see Beck only because I had listen to them on spotify and their music just wasn't my jam, but apparently I had asked somebody how he was and they said they were great live, but we had gone to this like dance party down that was down from the Amphitheatre (which was crazy awesome!), although I didn't realize how silly us Americans are, like there were the typical blonde California girls on stage completely grinding on eachother thinking they were the absolutely shizzzle, but actually looked super retarded. Yet, the DJ played some great jams and my friend and I were going crazy! Then this little kid completely shocked the crowd with his swag. We all basically went in a circle around him while he danced his little heart out!

The best part (other than Dan Smith walking next to me) was AVICCI! Wow. Now that was seriously the best thing ever, I basically felt like I was at a rave, but more innocent and not as crazy, but almost the same thing! Everybody had glow sticks (that were apparently free and I couldn't find the guy so I didn't get any) and AVICCI's mixes completely took over! Like he had fire, sparklers, and I guess it's called smoke? I don't even know! It was just the BEST! That's what absolutely made it the best day ever! During that I really didn't want it to end! The music completely took control and there was one point I was so tired and was about to like sit down because I had a major head ache and calf cramp, but I was like NO THIS IS THE ONLY CHANCE YOU'RE GONNA GET TO JUMP UP AND DOWN AND DANCE LIKE A MANIAC SO LIVE IT TO IT'S FULLEST .... and I did! I know can still barely move, but completely worth it.

Oh and did I mention the tan lines my friend and I got? Yeah.. brutal ..

I was really scared to go to the Weenie Roast since it was completely out of my comfort zone, but wow, I am totally thankful I did and will definitely be going again!

Definitely watch my KROQ WEENIE ROAST VLOG! Dan Smith makes a cameo :}

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