Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tips on After Graduation

Hey Sunshiners! Happy almost June and almost summer, yay! Quite crazy how fast life goes sometimes, yet can be incredibly slow at the same time, but keeping yourself busy and planning things makes it all good. Talking about time going fast, many Seniors are either graduated or going to be graduating in the upcoming weeks and it reminds me that one year ago I was going through the same thing. It's crazy even thinking about everything that has happened in that year and reminds me of all the things I haven't accomplished yet. After going through this year though, I've made many mistakes and have kind of been all over the place, basically screwed myself over in a lot of ways, but I want to share some encouraging words that may help you after you've graduated and start living life as an adult.

Whether you're going straight into a University, Community College, Vocational School, or taking a Gap year, there's many things that you should keep in mind because know the decisions you make will ultimately affect the rest of your life, yes, quite deep I know, but that's why I'm here, to ensure you it's all going to be okay!

So, you've gotten the diploma. Still in your cap and gown and you think to yourself, "now what?" Well take a deep breath and make an inspiration board to keep yourself on track of what you want to accomplish in the next few years and really what you're shooting for and it helps you feel inspired to do what you love, even if it's a bunch of photos from a magazine, those photos may have a deeper meaning.

That summer after graduating do as much as possible! Dance, laugh, and just be happy because that is the last true summer of being a kid since graduating is still fresh. Also, if possible, go to disneyland and enjoy be a kid. Just because you've graduated doesn't mean you have to completely grow up and Disneyland will help you kind of relax because it's easy to get stressed after graduating. Also enjoy Disneyland to the fullest, get face paint and wear a tutu!

If you are going to school after graduation then I suggest being as organized as possible! Don't leave anything til the end and stay on track, whether it's buying books, registering for classes, or even just checking your schools website for updates, just remind yourself how important it is to remember that you are going to be going back to school in a sense and those years are going to need some serious focus. 

Now school should be your priority, but so is the need for money (unless your daddy is paying for everything, but like come on that only happens in movies!), so try to find one where your employer will work with you, that's why starting in the summer might be more beneficial rather than starting during the school year because it gives them those months to get to know you and begin to create a name for yourself, either making them want to give you a flexible schedule or depending on your performance maybe not wanting you at all haha

Now deciding on your major could of happened in the earlier months or maybe you still haven't decided, it's completely okay! I felt like I needing to know my major to be able to care, but honestly, not a good idea! Get motivation by knowing when you do find out your major, you will have at least finished classes that you had to take either way. So stay determined to still get them done and actually go to class, just because nobody cares if you're there doesn't mean you shouldn't be there. Just take those 3 months before school to get focused on why you're going to school so then you have a purpose for doing the homework and going there.

Plan things during the school year that'll help you to relax, so many people become so stressed so whether it's concerts, hangouts with friends, or even a pamper day and have a hobby that you do on a regular basis because although school is important, living your life is just as important and making memories will help you figure out your future big time!

Another one is cut yourself some slack, you're going to make mistakes, whether it's with school or just life in general, but look back and see how those mistakes have helped you develop the person you are because that's when we really learn who we are and if you look at them as something negative then you're going to have a negative life. Take a breath and just do the best you possibly can do!

Finally do it for yourself, not other people. Your decisions and schooling shouldn't be pressured by others, whether it's friends or family, remembering that you're going to school because you want to live your dreams will help you stay on track where focusing on the pressure from others can leave you with a rebellious attitude and cause you to basically say "F#$& THIS" and ruin something you actually wanted to do. That's the biggest lesson I've learned. Know yourself. Know what you handle and don't lose yourself in the hussel and bussel of growing up! That's why the first semester I feel like you should take as easy as possible because it's something new and you really don't know what to expect and taking on too much can cause major damage!

So good luck on your adventure and DREAM BIG


  1. This is such a lovely post!! :D Yeah I mean the system is a bit different here in Europe (maybe you already know :P) but we have to choose a 'major' before starting, so like when you apply, you're applying to a major course so to say and not just a general uni. That was my main reason for taking a gap year xD And also I'm SOOO lucky, that a few counties here have free uni's (including Finland) so I feel like it's a HUGE burden off my shoulders :P
    Lovely post!!
    Katya xx

    1. OOOOOH! that's cool! that's kind of like community college, like when you go to university you need to know your major, which is why im at community college but it's not free .... very nice, i am beyond jealous that you get to take a gap year and GOOD LUCK <333