Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Amazing Emma Stone

Hello Sunshiners! Happy Saturday and happy life! Yesterday I reluctantly went with some friends to see the Amazing Spider Man 2 and really enjoyed it! It was made very well and the storyline just went very well, plus there's a part that just ... kind of unexpected, which I've been told they follow the comics a lot more than the first ones with Toby McGuire.

After watching it I couldn't help but love Emma Stone even more! I've loved her ever since Easy A because she's absolutely hilarious and very talented. She is blowing up lately as well, kind of the it girl in fashion and everyone is loving her, which is very much understandable! She makes you feel like you know her and her quirkiness is just awesome!

Her style is very much like her style, cute and just so her! She wears clothes with such confidence and her little figure makes the clothes look so great! She is just the whole package!

Plus, did you see how awesome she was on Jimmy Fallone? Like come on, SHE NEEDS TO BE MY NEW BFF haha



  1. i love her style, and she is a great person outside of her acting

  2. I am such a huge fan of Emma Stone too! I think she is really underrated for how great she is.