Sunday, May 4, 2014

Song of the Day: Lions in Cages by Wolf Gang

Hello Sunshiners! Before we start this Song of the Day, you must listen to the song. So here is the wonderful Lions in Cages by Wolf Gang:

Super fantastic right?!

This song had played awhile back on my Bastille Pandora Station and ever since then I was like, "wow, who are these guys?!" Little did I know that their album was so good and that they'd become one of my favorite bands at the moment.

I actually start my Tracks that are Inspiring me spotify playlist with this song because I remember hearing it again recently and needing to scream it to the sky how awesome it was!

Before I get ahead of myself and just talk about how awesome they are, I better give you some insight into the band Wolf Gang.

They are a british alternative and symphonic rock band consisting of Max McElligott as lead vocalist, Gavin Slater as guitarist, James Wood on bass, and Lasse Petersen hitting it on the drums. Their website described their sound as :

"abundance of suave panache, ear-thwacking beats and heart-throttling melodies"

A lot of words to take in right? If you listen to them, you'll quickly agree! They've also toured with many great artist like Coldplay, Florence & The Machine, The Killers, The Naked And Famous, and recently are playing some shows with Bastille, quite the resume I must say!

How did they come to be though? Well, Max McElligott was actually studying Anthropology at the London School of Economics when he took a year off to give this music thing a try and recorded Suego Faults (which he came up with the name from a dream) and he actually played every instrument! After listening to his Timeout interview, I see that his vision was specific and sometimes doing it yourself can be the best because as a control freak I understand the struggle of trying to get other people to do it exactly how you want it to be done, so I say good job man, your vision was spot on!

So their talent is impeccable and there's always something inspiring about an artist dropping out of a more socially accepted career to chase their dreams in music, makes us believe maybe our dreams will come true too.

I think opening for a band is difficult because sometimes people just want you to get off the stage so the main act can come on, so it creates a challenge and Wolf Gang is definitely the act to blow people away and show them what they are made of. Especially with their sound, it's got a good beat, wonderful chorus, and they have some killer stage presence (watched on YouTube). Sadly I've never seen them live and would die to see them open for Bastille, but it's sold out. Yet, I may be able to score some tickets to their North Carolina show depending on my moms business meeting over there. If not then hopefully next time! 

They are definitely a band that I'll be keeping my eye on and rocking out to in my car on a regular basis. Plus, their band twitter is following me, so let's just say I'm totally fangirling at the moment! It's weird because I never understood the whole "omg their following me" freakout, until they started following me and now I guess I feel like I exist to them? Taking notice of their fans is really amazing and makes me just like them more!

Make sure you check them out at and take a listen of their music, you wont be disappointed! 

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