Thursday, May 8, 2014


Hey Sunshiners! Happy happy day to you all! I had quite the night at the Manchester Orchestra concert and can't wait to tell you guys, BUT I had another epiphany today after the influences all around at the concert and taking in all the styles and I've decided that I've found my style! I love black, like, all black and white are my colors, which is weird sometimes because I'm super upbeat yet love that duo and at times like to add a statement necklace that has color, but mainly like those colors. So today's is just some clothes/outfits that I am so into right now and what I aspire my wardrobe to be like, so I guess almost like tumblr .... but ony my blog ... yeah ...Excited that I think I've actually found my style, if that makes sense, I've been just winging it really!

Influences include: American Apparel vibe, HAIM, Sky Ferreira, Vanessa Hudgens, black and white, Dan Smith, BANKS, this girl at my work, Coachella, Disco Pants, pastel hair, Jelly shoes, Lauren Elizabeth, The song Glory and Gore by Lorde, The Neighborhood, gypsy bracelets, LA, Lana Del Rey, and alternative rock.

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