Friday, March 7, 2014

Dark To Blonde Process

Hey Sunshiners! It's been awhile I feel like!! Been working and darn school has sucked up all my time, but I got Employee of the Month at work even though we didn't even HAVE an employee of the month, but my manager said they started it because of me. So it's been a good/bad/frustrating week!

I did want to post a quick hair throwback/brown to blonde process through pictures. I don't have the best hair, it's very thin and doesn't really grow so I've gone through all the scene kid hair to bro-hoe bleach blonde to dip dye purple/pink then all natural yuckyness then dark brown to three different stages to get back to blonde ... yeah it's been a long road, but I really do love my hair now, I wish it would grow super long as fast as possible, but I've accepted it will probably take about 2ish years to be as long as I want it to be and will still be super thin. That's why my HK Extensions from really help! Which btw they are 20-22".

Yeah so enjoy and let me know if you have any questions about my hair process or maybe what you've experienced with your hair 


 THE BROWN PHASE (dyed it twice dark brown within 2 months):
 GETTING BACK BLONDE PHASE (took about 3 months)


Now for anyone trying to go blonde, I do have to say it is a PROCESS sadly and the first dye seriously sucks. I was so depressed about it and almost ran to the beauty supply store and bleached it myself, but I stayed patient and by the 3rd dye (#4) all the brown and orange completely were gone!


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