Saturday, March 29, 2014

Too Much Info

Hello Sunshiners! Been a little bit I feel like! Finally able to speak, sing, smile, and live life again so very excited. Being down for 11 days really made me kind of appreciate enjoying life, so I'm quite inspired to live it to the fullest! Going to take each day and jampack it with as much as possible, including getting outside and going for runs (because hello I was in bed as this time and I need some exercise). I did get a lot done though, even though if you saw me on the computer in my pjs in my room you'd think I was just messing around when in actuality I really focused on promoting my youtube channel and getting to know as many youtubers as possible on twitter, really networked the entire time. Now I'm super excited to be at 136 SUBSCRIBERS! Which is crazy, but has actually motivated me to make as many videos as possible because the more ones you make, the better you get.

I feel like I'm really starting to get a hang of it and hope that'll help it seem more professional. I am a perfectionist and although it helps me work really hard, it also makes me not think anything is perfect enough to be done.

Just for kicks I made two new videos because I felt like to my audience I needed to provide them with a make up type of video if I was just doing a ranting video. Here is my TMI TAG because now you can feel confident that you know way too much information on me:

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