Saturday, March 15, 2014

I'm Wanted?

So wonderful of for nominating me, I really appreciate it and am just a tad EXCITED! Thank you very much and am honored that you'd actually nominate me :))
Now I tried to keep it short, but not going to lie my answer are a tad funny since I type exactly how I talk. So if you read, thank you very much :)

These are the rules:
 ->You must link back to the person who nominated you.
-> You must state 11 facts about yourself.
-> You must answer the 11 questions given to you.
-> You must nominate 11 others,and set 11 questions for them to answer.
-> You can't nominate the person who nominated you.
-> You must tell the people you've nominated them,so they can take part!

11 Facts about me

1. I was in a wheelchair for three months back when I was 10 because I fractured my ankle playing jump rope and then sprained my arm falling in the rain on my crutches (kind of a Klutz)

2. I've never finished the movie The Notebook, not a fan of love stories (sorry if I offend anyone!)

3. Right now I have 26 half empty water bottles scattered around my room, I have an issue of not throwing them away!

4. I have flat feet so I can't wear heels or wedges, only platform.

5. I have commitment issues with clothes, I usually return things I buy within 2 days of purchasing them.

6. I dislike lemons, limes, green beans, onions, garlic, Dasani water, Pomegranate, honey, green tea, tea in general (I know I'm sad I don't like tea either), ... actually there's too many foods/drinks I dislike to even name! ha!

7. I've never cried from a movie, but I can cry just by listening to certain songs.

8. I love to shop, but anxiety whenever I'm in line to pay for it.

9.  I've only read two books in my life.

10. I would love to ban the BRA !

11. I change my mind a lot, probably the most indecisive person ever!

And then the question The Make Up Lady sent me :DD)
1. If you could listen to only 1 song, which one would you pick?
That's so hard! Oh my goodness, alright, well Bastille is ultimately my favorite band so I guess Laughter Lines by them, here's the link

2. What is your favorite lip color?
I'm kind of simple with this, I love just nude with natural pink gloss, but I am so obsessed with dark purple or maroon in the winter.

3. Cats or Dogs or snakes or..u get the idea

4. What is your deserted-island book or movie?
Either Monsters University(yes Disney), Elf, Mean girls, or 500 Days of Summer

5. If you get to meet one celebrity, who would that be?
DAN SMITH DAN SMITH DAN SMITH, my life would be complete no joke. Sorry fan girl moment..

6. What is your favorite cuisine?
I'm so boring with this! Just a chicken no dressing tomato cucumber salad with steamed carrots on the side is like my ideal food.

7. If you had to pick 1 skin care, 1 makeup and 1 hair care product from the best all over the world, what would you pick? 1 Skin Care would be Clinique, 1 make up would be Make up Forever or Kat Von D (can't choose sorry!), and 1 hair care product would definitely be Schwarzkopf got2B glued hair spray-I've been using that stuff for like 6 years!

8. Of all the names in the world, what name do you like best? And if you have a why, tell us that also.. Penelope because it's a relaxing name and adorable. No great reason really.

9. You get a genie and your 3 wishes are [at least the ones you can say in public are :)] ...
1) Give me the singing voice of Christina Aguilera
2) Give me a Victoria Secrets Model's body
3) Have me marry Dan Smith from Bastille.

10. Do you ever dream of being a Disney princess? If so, who is your fav?
Yes, all the time! It would be Repunzel :)

11. Your favorite makeup/skincare/haircare tip, the one that you may pass to your kids blah blah..
Keep your hair long, don't cut it ever!!!!!!


Your Questions:
1)If you pick a clothing to describe you, what would it be?
2)Biggest pet peeve?
3)Favorite article of clothing you own?
4)Most drastic thing you've done involving beauty, hair, make up, etc?
5)What's the most uncomfortable thing that you wear because it looks cute?
6)Biggest difficulty with your hair?
7)Favorite Foundation?
8)What's your favorite trend that you've always loved?
9)Worst habit?
10)Straight or curly hair?
11)Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?

Okeedokie lovelies good luck :) Comment below when you finish !



  1. aww i love reading liebster awards its such a good way to get to know the bloggers a little bit better! lovely blog, i'd love it if youd check out my blog and comment back xx

    1. I know, I love reading others and it was a lot of fun doing it too :) Yeah of course!

  2. Your answers are sooo much fun gal.. :) I have flat foot n cant wear heels too, so totally understand!!

    1. Oh yay it's not just me! I've tried countless time wearing even not so high-highheels but nope, absolutely painful! Flats are my best friends! It's also funny because my sister has the opposite problem, she has such an intense arch that she can't wear flats hah

      Thank you so much for tagging me :)))) I had a lot of fun!

  3. I love this award because you get to see so many facts about other people :)

    Ooh I have the same thing about waterbottles! I have like ten around lol. Only two books? Man reading is sooo great you should give it a shot again ^^

    Either Monsters University<333, Elf<333, Mean girls<333, or 500 Days of Summer<-- That's one that I still need to see. But I <3 Joseph Gordon-Levitt so it'll be soon :)

    Check out my food tag!

    1. I know and things that maybe you normal wouldn't go up and ask them :)
      you should see in my car too ... ah horrid!
      I've tried, but I read kind of slow so it sometimes makes me feel bad about myself, which I know is weird but I'm more of a talk and movie kind of person!

      YOU HAVEN'T SEEN 500 DAYS OF SUMMER! Oh girl! Let me know when you do, it's my all time favorite movie because it's not some dumb mooshy love story, it's like actual reality! so fantastic and he's fantastic! :)
      yeah will do! I think I actually just commented on it :p