Sunday, March 23, 2014

I've Conformed to Pastels

Happy Sunday everyone, not a very happy one for me due t still not being able to talk and my jaw hurting me, but hey I'm alive right?

Felt the Spring spirit today and decided to paint my nails this wonderful mint green, yes pastel! I've conformed to liking pastel, which I did say I did just not particularly on myself, but I've changed! PLEASE EXCUSE THE NAIL POLISH MESS!!! I haven't had a chance to clean up the extra on my skin. Ooooops!
So this mint from Sally Hansen Extreme Wear (which I totally swear by) is such a great color! Plus it makes me think of ice cream due to the fact it's called Mint Sorbet
I also didn't want to just do mint, I wanted something different and fun and very Spring! So I added this cute green sparkles on top of this white color. So glad I put the green sparkles on the white because green on green, EEEEK!

I like the whole idea of nails being another accessory! It adds to an outfit like a necklace :)
Anyone other Spring nail trends you're obsessed with?


  1. Your nails are so gorgeous, i really love the speckly nail too!

    My favourite spring trend is patterned skorts!

    Love Emma xx

  2. Pastels are always a good option ;)


    1. :) I officially can't stop choosing them! haha