Thursday, February 13, 2014

|A summers day in February|

Well hey guys! Happy Thursday (Friday is almost here!!!), I don't really know why I get excited about the weekend...I feel like ever since school as a child its just always been engrained in our minds that those three days are all the freedom we really get....

Okay too deep for a Outfit Of The Day! It's been 80 degrees the past two days so I've unsure on what to exactly wear and although I have a few secret weapons in my closet, I'm trying not to wear them until it's like a special day or when I'm going to see a lot of people so I took this Abercrombie shirt that I actually got quite cheap because I knew a guy that worked there and it's literally my favorite because white is such a hard color when it comes to tanks, so this gives it at least a nice design and the whole "muscle" style makes me feel strong. I did pair it with my favorite shall/cardigan because my classes were kind of cold inside and it at least breathes.

I'm really feeling kind of funky with my style today, especially with the two necklaces I ended up choosing, something easy and goes together. Plus I'm a sucker for anything Paris. I did pick up that fun bracelet in Hawaii two years ago and just found it so I'm really rockin' it a lot lately. My basic leggings from Forever21 and converse of course, no real risks here, but something easy that you can just chill in.

 Well I'm off to Disneyland :D BYEEEE


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    1. Thanks! I didn't know how much I missed the warm until I realized that I was starting to wear the same sweatshirts literally everyday in the winter, so I'm excited for all the spring trends and actually getting ready without having to worry about being "too cold".

  2. 80. Freaking. Degrees?! We have damn snow in NYC. I got ya ''muscle tee makes me feel strong'' - same! :D

    1. Ohmygoodness I know I've been watching the weather channel and my mouth drops with how cold it is down there! A lot of my family lives over there and they literally haven't left their houses for four days!

      Thank god for the internet right?

      It just does something to the self-esteem! Especially pairing it with a bandeau, its just my favorite in the spring/summer and a lot of stores are starting to get some :DD

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    1. Oh thank you so much! :))

      I'm seriously living in that cardigan right now! ha

  4. so jealous, i can't wait to be back in la! cute look :)

    xx fameliquorlove
    glossybox giveaway!

    1. Yeah it ended up hitting 90 yesterday!! For the first time I'm actually very happy I live in California, especially after going to Disneyland the other day, the weather was perfect!

      Thank you thank you love <3

  5. Love your outfit, so pretty (: