Tuesday, February 18, 2014

|Bedroom Inspiration|

Hello hello again Sunshiners! It's one beautiful day and I'm feeling very happy yet tired, but I have a big project ahead of me: switching rooms with my sister! Now I just recently moved into the bonus room that had been made into a bedroom, but now my sister wants to switch which means I not only get a bathroom BUT a closet (the bonus room doesn't have a closet so I've been using my moms and I have like a lot of clothes), so now I can really design what I want it to be like and I've needed some inspiration so here's some rooms I found on weheartit.com, hope it inspires you as well :)

Also I'm really obsessed with fun throw pillows to add some personality, found them on society6.com

OH and let me know some of your room ideas as well because I really want to have fun with it!


  1. That's so cool that you get a bathroom, I'm jealous! I really love the 'because cats' pillow, may have to try and find one of those for my own room! When I moved into my room at university I brought fairy lights with me to put up but I couldn't find anywhere where I could hang them without damaging the walls so never ended up using them :(

    I recently started my own blog, I'd really appreciate it if you could check it out!

  2. I love having an all white room and then different things like wall art or throw pillows that add personality! I recommend going on society6.com because they have so many fun ones, I just ordered a shirt from them as like a tester because I've never boughten anything from there, so I'll keep you updated if I end up getting some pillows :) Plus they do have free shipping!

    Awh! Lights just make the room so magical! I've used staples and push pins to put them up before, but maybe if you have a dresser or head board on your bed you could try to hang them there? :)

    Oh I sure will girl! I'll also keep you posted on the transformation to the new room!

  3. I love weheartit.com :) I am in love with the first room<3 i don't know why I love the wood theme so much? But its great :) The throw pillows are so cute love them all so much :)



    1. I love that kind of cozy atmosphere with the windows! That's defiantly my dream room! Waking up to literally the sky right there would be amazing! Totally going to invest in some random different ones :)

      I'm officially in my new room, but its filled with boxes and hangers, so still under construction!

      Thank you love <3

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    1. I'm a tad bit obsessed with cats and Disneyland so I thought they were appropriate!