Friday, February 7, 2014

|Three Fav Trends Collage|

Three FavsCouldn't help myself on, these three outfits are just my favorite right now! Especially those wonderful Jeffrey Campbell platform sandals: AHH NEED THEM. Obsessed with each outfit.

The first one is more inspired by springtime and the whole Brandymelville thing going on, with the wonderful highwaisted shorts and of course the sunflower shirt. I also wanted to add some little accessories to bring it all together, so I have the Hakuna Matata bracelet and the super single half moon long necklace. Also, what's so on trend right now is those big long tan-ish sweaters. Defiantly something to keep in mind when creating the perfect frolicking outfit.

The second is a more relaxed cool chick hipster look. The "I like cats" sweater brings out the cat lady in me and with the highwaisted powder blue brings some color into it. Now on the model they have white shoes, but I really like those coral type salmon converse, they go really nice with the pants. For necklace I chose a bright yellowed flower necklace because yesterday I was helping a customer with a statement necklace and saw this exact one in the corner of my eye and I really like have a mix of colors in an outfit, especially if you have a statement black. Now the bracelets are just fun!

Now the third is a tad winter, but I saw this trend a lot in December and the colors are just my new favorite thing. I really like, though, putting some fun tights under to make it look less gothic and these red ones just bring more of a cool feel and the gold Doc's really were just awesome. Also, because I did the gold Doc's, I had to bring the dress relevant by placing a gold necklace so then it all makes sense. It also brings some edge.


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    1. Polyvore is my new obsession, well old I guess because I found out about it maybe a year ago, but now its back in my life !

  2. That sweater is so cute! And I really need to find a peter pan collar dress like that one, they're so classy.
    Love your blog x


    1. Thanks! That's why I've loved putting collared shirts under sweaters, they make me feel so proper. I did look up some places that have a similar peter pan dress, and Urban outfitters have some fantastic ones! :)