Saturday, February 22, 2014

|It's been a weird one..|

Hello hello sunshiners, well its Saturday night and today has been interesting. I work, got my hair done (lighter), got my nails done, went to Sephora (for new foundation, yes NEW) and now I'm winding down and relaxing.

So that was my day, undetailed.

My day detailed consisted of not wearing any make up to work today , yes nothing, because I'm completely out of my DISCONTINUED Clinique foundation  and I was insecure the whole time because my face doesn't have a lot of blemishes or anything, it just gets very red so had to power through that. Then raced to a hair appointment because I have been going back blonde after going dark brown and finally my hair is back! So that was one very good thing today. Then I went with my sister to get my nails done and they are just so amazing, but the owners daughter did it and she was like 12 years old, not exaggerating.

Then I went to Sephora and this wonderful employee completely helped me out and gave me a sample of the Urban Decay Naked foundation just to see if I first like it before I buy it, which I shall be testing tomorrow!

 Then I came home and realized I lost my keys so I dumped out my purse on my doorstep, classy. Finally got in and noticed my Society6 Bastille shirt came in, although its a tad big so I don't know if I'm going to send it back for a smaller one.

Anyway, tried eating eggs, veggies, and brown rice, but my sugar tooth was tingling so I raced to not one, but TWO different frozen yogurt shops and they both were very packed and I don't like going in when it's busy, rather quiet and dead. So no froyo. But I decided just to go to Albertsons and get those tiny Dreyers Ice Cream things.

It's just been a different weird day  ..

How was yours?

Obsessed with accent nails. Something fun.

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