Tuesday, February 11, 2014

|We go nobody knows..|

Happy Tuesday, YAYAYAYAY! I don't know why, but I've had a lot of energy today, well not in the morning but once I got to work I was all smiles! Was almost like a person shopper for this girl and literally it was awesome, running through the store deciding what she'd like off of the style she wanted and really almost just shopping! So yeah, getting paid to shop? I think yes.

Anyway here was my make up look today, simple, but I tried to dramatize it with the eyeliner.

I used the make up forever aqua eyes eyeliner and it's my absolute favorite. I don't think I'd ever try using another one, well I've tried and completely failed, but this is easy and doesn't come off at all, not even the water liner! Very polished too!
I used the slanted eye liner brush from sephora and I always wet it before I dip it into the eyeliner and that makes the hugest difference. So if you're like me and mess up easy, then this is your cure! Yeah you way mess up, but if you do it's easier to fix.

I always feel like a 19 year old when I wear it and my eyes just feel like BA-BAAAA in it too.

Today I so thought it was Thursday, but sadly I was wrong. So lets get happy and put on a big smile for the week YEA! Get happy, MAKE A FUNNY FACE! Lets just enjoy living--yeah I'm listening to The Temper Trap Sweet Disposition, so a moment of love a dream a laugh a kiss a cry ..


  1. Your header is hilarious!
    I love your line!
    Make sure to check out my blog!


  2. Thank you so much :) Us shopaholics need to stay together !!

    Sure will !

  3. I really want to try some products from makeup forever!


    1. I definitely recommend them! That eyeliner literally is forever and doesn't smudge at all! One thing I do suggest if you get this wonderful eyeliner is their Sensitive Eyes Waterproof Make Up Remover because no waterproof make up remover will get this eyeliner off, that's how good it is! I feel like with using the brush too makes it easier to create any eyeliner look.

      My other favorite product from them is their concealer!! Best one I've ever used especially under the eyes and on my nose (because usually my foundation comes off on my nose). Which I have a tutorial on it here: http://youtu.be/MDBhNb_IJVg

      Definitely let me know if you try any of them or any other products from them, my mom also swears by them as well!

      Also, I'm running out of my foundation so I might try there's. I'll definitely do a post if I get it :)

  4. Love this makeup (:


  5. Thanks very very much! That eyeliner is so incredible that I want to shout it to the world! :)