Saturday, February 8, 2014

|Positivity Post|

Good afternoon all! It's Saturday and what a beautiful day it is, well where I am it's sunny. This week has been quite difficult with my health, didn't get the flu or a cold or any of that type of ill, more associated with my stomach issues. I won't get too into it right now, but I have Celiac Disease and had Reflux Disease a few years ago which was taken care of with esophagus surgery. Yet, I still struggle with stomach issues especially when I'm unable to take care of myself due to an unorganized schedule/life. So it's been very hard to keep a smile since I've felt so sick, but I wanted to post some positive quotes/things that really brighten up my day even if I'm feeling awful. So I hope it makes you smile too because although "it seems hard", being happy is quite easy, it's being sad that takes a lot more work.

Also if you would like me to discus my stomach issues/struggles in a later post please let me know in the comments below because maybe you're suffering from something as well and would like to know my story :)

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