Monday, February 24, 2014

|How to Pair Highwaisted Jeans|

Goodmorning Sunshiners! It's a new week and a new start! I got home from Disneyland at 1:30 this morning so I'm a tad exhausted, but using this day to get my new room decorated!

I also filmed this video a few days ago about how to pair highwaisted jeans, just some fun outfit ideas since it's such a big trend right now.

Also, when it comes to highwaisted jeans it's very important what kind you get depending on your shape and comfort. The ones I'm wearing from Forever21 are almost legging material and quite thin, although they are very comfy, they show every little imperfection involving your stomach. So I'm not completely in love with them because of that. I also have some from H&M that are much thicker and heavier, but can be uncomfortable at times. I've tried American Apparel's and they just weren't my cup or tea (especially for like $80!!!). One highwaisted type that I honestly think is one of the best is the Disco Pants, they flatter your body, are comfy, and super fun! I know they have some cheaper ones at H&M, but when I had gone there I was too cheap to get them, but honestly I am now scouring every H&M for them. That's how awesome they are and for like $40!

Let me know what you like to pair your highwaisted jeans/shorts/skirts with as well :)


  1. Can't wait for spring time to wear highwaisted jeans with crop tops and not freeze to death! Really helpful and pretty video!

    1. :) Thank you! Yeah I love all the funky crop tops that are coming out too, its a cool alternative to just a tshirt and jeans! Plus, now it's not just American Apparel that has well made highwaisted jeans, now they are affordable!