Saturday, February 15, 2014

|Shopping > Anything Else|

Okay shopaholic, raise your hands if you scour the internet each day drooling over all the clothes you wish you could buy or somehow try to calculate a reasonable excuse to buy them.

Don't lie, we all do it! This morning was nothing different, with all the wonderful spring clothes coming out and my new obsession with statement jewelry, I'm finding that my heart and brain say BUY, but my wallet is the negative nelly and saying NO. I just want to win a shopping spree and get a whole new wardrobe, like everything new even the basic sweat pants or socks, I just need the free-ness of being able to get whatever I want. Maybe I'll marry a rich husband ... nah I'm too smart for that. But seriously, it's so hard to just let go of the stress of spending too much money, I literally get a panic attack everytime I shop because I know I can't get everything and that just causes me by the time I get home to have doubt of what I should of bought. So instead of fighting my shopaholic syndrome, I'm going to share some inspiring shopping quotes with you to make my need to shop seem normal. If the mall wasn't so packed on the weekends, I would totally be there by now ...

Happy Saturday to all sunshine-ers <3

P.S. Let me know in the comments below what you're itching to buy right now, my eyes are on those Jeffrey Campbell Platform Sandals from Urban Outfitters ;}


  1. I feel like a freak. Shopping makes me really angry, I don't know, I just hate it. The best part is eating after carrying your friends' bags :D

    Jessica Simpson's gif cracked me up though, hahaha. She's fab!

  2. hahahahhaha ya know, it makes me full of a lot of anxiety, like I get panic attacks whenever I'm at the cash register and in my mind I'm like,"WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF". But I love trying on clothes, feeling the fabric, and leaving with a whole new wardrobe of NEW STUFF/new memories and then totally crashing after!

    Do you like online shopping better?

    I know right, I have a shirt (that I'm wearing at this moment) that says "shopping is my cardio"