Sunday, February 23, 2014

|To Pastel or To Not Pastel?|

Hello again sunshiners! Now today's blog is about nothing new to us, the trend of pastels especially since Spring is basically here and every store is getting major pastel garments.

I personally love pastels, they just make me feel lights and cute, like a bunny (weird?). Even pastel nail polish makes me crazy, but I have found that I do not look good in pastel at all. Whether its pastel nails or pastel clothing, it's just not flattering on me. After frustration, I realized because I'm so tan it just doesn't compliment my skin. It truly looks gorgeous on people paler than I, which is completely fine. I do though encourage you to not buy pastel just because its all the rage right now, be true to you and if its not your cup of tea then switch to the amazing floral things coming out!

Just keep being you and don't be like me who buys three pastel shirts and wonders why they look so awful on me.

How do you feel about them?


  1. Replies
    1. Mint and like that baby pink are just so gosh darn cute, but I think it looks really good on brunettes and paler blondes. So everyone that can, I say ROCK IT