Tuesday, February 25, 2014

|Well, why not?|

Hello hello my loverly Sunshiners! It's already 6pm here and my day has gone fast! It was really good, got a lot done, may have skipped school .. shhh .. but I just wanted to share with you a new little random rant I filmed about "Why I Hate the Color Red".

I know what you're thinking, "why make a video like that Alexa?" and I respond by saying "why not!" It dawned on me randomly that I really do not like the color red and I could just talk about it for hours so I might as well just talk to you guys about it because then you can see more of my personality and maybe we can relate to eachother with our weirdness! :)

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts on the matter because I may just be the only freak that doesn't like it..


  1. There seriously is not a worse color than the color red. I cannot agree with you more! I'm so glad I finally found someone that understands me


    1. YES!! hahah lets start an I HATE RED CLUB, like seriously :p