Tuesday, February 11, 2014

|Monday Late Post|

Sorry guys, didn't get a chance to blog yesterday because right after work I had to go to apple to set up my new .. IPAD !!! Yes and I got it for free from my mother so very exciting. It's going to make instagram and twitter so much easier (both are @alexasunshine83).

But I really had to show you guys my make up, now I never wear eye shadow. Like. Literally. Never. So I'm hoping to change that and experiment! My sister was so kind and gave me her Urban Decay Naked Basic palette and yesterday I tried it for the first time and I was surprised at how natural and very subtle it was. I'm really trying to take baby steps guys!

Pardon my eyebrows .... they are awful ..

I'm so obsessed with the wonderful sparkley inside of my eye, its so fun! I used two Elf brand brushes (from target for $3). Will keep experimenting guys, but I'm excited!

I used Venus in my crees and Crave for my eyeliner. Let me know in the comments if you have this palette and what kind of looks you like to do with it :)


  1. Love your makeup (:


  2. Oh thank you! I'm a sucker from that really shimmery shade for my crees :)
    I'm a tad retarded at doing make up so this palette has been amazing for breaking the ice!

  3. Gorgeous! I also love the palette x


    1. It's so amazing!!! I just filmed a tutorial on it and will be posting it in the next two days :) It's so easy too!