Sunday, February 16, 2014

|Stay Home & Feel Bad For Myself Or...|

Hello hello sunshiners!

Alright so I have to admit something: I am the queen of canceling plans. Before I hangout with people I always get full of anxiety and then start feeling sick so I always end up canceling. Also, I get nervous about making plans as well, yet I am literally so outgoing than even when I'm nervous I can't stop talking and I can literally talk to anyone and have a full on conversation with them, but when it comes to making plans I absolutely fail.

So after a long day of being extremely exhausted while doing Target and Office Depot errands, I ended up in bed at 5pm. It was a Saturday night that I actually had off for the first time in like forever, but I was already in bed? I did ask two other people to make plans, but they were both busy so of course I gave up and called it a day....

THEN something happened, one of my friends called me and asked if I was working, I nervously said no and she insisted I join her and some other people for dinner. She said I better get out of bed, put some make up on, and get my butt over there. Even though I wanted to say no so bad (I wanted to go it's just my instinct is to always say no because I get scared), but I toughened up and said yes. I am very glad I did too because ya know those days where you feel really lonely and tell yourself "I have no friends", well I realized it's usually my own fault. So it's time to ENJOY AND LIVE MY LIFE. Gonna have to push myself! But I did love my hair, make up, and outfit (even though I got ready super quick) So here's my Outfit Of the Night:

Top: Forever21
Jeggings: H&M
Shoes: Target
Headband: IDK, maybe Forever21
Sweater: Forever21
Necklace & Bracelet: Forever21

Now I'm not a super fan of my camera taking pictures at night, so I particularly didn't like how my face turned out, sorry !


  1. awww. everything is from Forever 21. Hehe :) I love the top xo

    1. I may slightly have an obsession with Forever21, plus even when I try to shop anywhere else I always seem to think about how much cheaper it would be at Forever21 hahaha the collar is literally my favorite! :) maybe was only like $13

  2. I love your collar!
    Make sure to check out my blog:


    1. Thanks :) Pairing it with statement necklaces is really fun too!

      Sure will <3