Friday, February 28, 2014

The Tangle Teezer Review

Yes Sunshiners it's the weekend once again and here in California it's absolute chaos with stormy weather, yay!

Today's post is about a little find I discovered at my local Target in the hair brush section. Now I was only going there because I realized I don't own a hair brush so I was planning on just getting one of those cheap nothing fancy hair brushes, but then say the Tangle Teezer brush and literally couldn't decide if I should get it. The reason for my dilema was I had seen about two Youtubers mention it so I knew it was something liked, but I didn't understand it! Yet, there was a British flag on it so I decided what the heck I'll pay the $9.99 and see what this thing is!

The packaging says it's "the original detangling hairbrush" and that is one true statement! This unique hairbrush completely get's rid of your tangles without pulling, hurting, or ripping out your hair. I especially was surprised when it totally brushing right through my teezed chaotic hair without causing me any "ooh" or "ahhhh", just detangled it right then and there! Lately I've had such a problem with brushing my hair because it's a tad worn out from going back blonde so it usually takes 10 minutes to completely brush through it, but the Tangle Teezer is just miraculous! My mouth literally dropped when I first used it and even after washing my hair and brushing through it completely detangles it!

I'm just so excited about it! Also, I think it teezes hair too? Haven't tried that yet, but I'll keep you guys updated if it performs magic doing that as well! Absolutely love love! Will never go back to a normal hair brush again!

 Sorry about the hair on it, I just used it and that's why I just couldn't help but posting about it!
Next time you go to Target I highly recommend picking one up and trying it!


  1. hey hun, told you I would follow your blog :)
    we started following each other on ig too :)
    thanks for the love<3
    check out my blog I'm posting a new look today

    1. Oh hey yay :) Yeah totally will !
      Definitely will so we can stay in touch !

  2. I love my tangle teaser,I got it as a birthday present last year! I take it everywhere because it's just the right size. It's better then any hairbrush I've ever used! xx

    1. It's definitely just the cutest thing! I swear normal hairbrushes are going to be extinct from this thing <33 Have you used it as a teezing brush yet?