Sunday, February 2, 2014

Clothing Haul

Basically having withdrawls from not shopping in awhile, even though I work at a clothing store I'm usually too busy to buy anything. So I drove 40 minutes just to go to this three story mall and hit up Forever21 and H&M, but then it turned into also discovering two new stores Signature Closet and Pink Zone. I made a favorites video, but I decided to make a blog post about it because sometimes I blab a little bit too much in videos and end up not being able to say everything that I had wanted.

So we'll start off with my purchases, yes I have stuff from online and in store. That's right, I can't help myself! Online shopping is easy, but it actually takes me forever because I can't feel the fabric or put it up to myself so I can never decide. Indecisive is my middle name!

Pearl Bracelet's, $12

Hope Bracelet, $7.50

Okay so I'm really not into accessories for some reason, mostly because I'm cheap and would rather buy clothes, but I think they actually add a lot to an outfit and gives off personality. I love those people though that wear rings and really creative bracelets, I'm not that cool yet.

Alright so they were having buy one and one free online for selected accessories so I couldn't help myself. Especially that Hope one, it just makes me smile and makes me feel a tad edgy.

Next these were one of my favorite purchases because I think fun socks give off more of an opportunity to show personality and who you are, especially those mustache happy face ones! Everyones going to think I'm one rad chick, maybe...But I'm really excited to wear these with some of my boots as well. Those heart ones also have a cute little ruffle at the end too :} All were $2.50

Black Peplum $7, Daisey Pencil skirt $9

I'm in love with these peplum shirts because when you got a food baby or if it's "that time of the month" you're totally good! Plus forever21 did it again and made it affordable (only $7). I got it in black because then I can just add different accessories and even pants. Great Staple. Then the daisy flower pencil skirt was a total yes, not too short at all! I really want to try it with some purple or red tights!

Now my in-store buys!

Sunflower Tunic $15.80

This sheer tunic .. jadbadh%^#$^& ... in love. No words. Seriously.
Plaid Leggings $11.80

Then I got these plaid leggings because I really am trying to step up my wardrobe with comfortable different things. These can go with any of the stuff I own right now.

Fold over yoga pants $12.80

My last buy (finally), these super comfy exercise yoga flare pants! Obsessed! I can wear them to school or really anywhere without looking like I didn't try. I love the long pant with the flare with converse. Love the fact that forever21 has the active line because Victoria Secrets stuff is just waaay to expensive for me right now!

H&M buy:

Slim Jegging $17


So I had already kind of bought these about a week ago, but I was on my period when I tried them on so they totally didn't fit when I tried them on the other day, so I had to get another size and literally I love these! Last year I had gotten a pair and basically never took them off! So yup, they are back again! Plus they look like jeans so nobody knows!

New Places!!:

Okay so I totally am trying to step out of my box and try new stores because I just bought some things on these cute rare online store and have been obsessed with expanding my fashion! This first place was actually right across from forever21 and it's windows were filled with cute daisey outfits and lots of fun festival type clothing, I actually thought it was for kids because of all the crop tops! It's called Pink Zone. Then the other is from a story called Signature Closet and I've gone in it before and they sometimes have really bad quality, but you can find some really great stuff for cheap!

Signature Closet: Cardigan $11, Pink Zone: Daisey Tank Top $7

But this shirt is just so fun and I've never seen it before, although it does have a wide arm, its so great for summer! I did, though, have to get some type of shall for it because it showed way too much boob-age. I didn't want to get a sweater because all the sweaters I've bought have these dumb lint things I can't get rid off so now I'm boycotting sweater buys! This cardigan however, is such a nice breathable material and is long in the back.

Alright after writing this I have officially decided to start saving!! Yet .. I wont .. HA.
Hope you guys enjoyed this :)
Have a sunny day! Also heres a link to the video:

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